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#1 Neutral GetDoge Vote Status: English English

Get free Doge every 5 minutes. Earn more with Shortlinks, PTC, and Offerwalls. Lottery and games available to multiply your doge.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 823 Unique PV: 9,748,517 Pageviews: 92,575,080 Vote
Nevcoins Ultimate Faucet

Earn free bitcoin, surveys, faucet, shortlinks, contest and more, now register and start earnings.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 481 Unique PV: 756,581 Pageviews: 2,962,928 Vote - Make Bitcoin!

Earn Bitcoin for viewing ads, complete offers, claiming faucet with no annoying popups or hidden miners. Cheap 100% crypto audience, flexible advertising!

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 611 Unique PV: 616,393 Pageviews: 7,160,377 Vote
#7 Neutral My Shiba inu Vote Status: NEW English English
My Shiba inu

My Shiba Inu Free|PTC ADVERT - Free Shiba Binance Token Start earning cryptocurrency on the best faucet site in the world by doing tasks, offerwalls, faucet, shortlinks, ptc.

Votes: 1 Unique Out: 13,990 Unique PV: 7,122,675 Pageviews: 14,538,922 Vote
#8 Neutral Ad-Doge Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Earn your favourite cryptocurrency. Cheap & 100% Crypto audience, Guaranteed Effective advertisements. Advertise your website/referral links to real human audience!

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 17,557 Unique PV: 4,118,583 Pageviews: 29,721,527 Vote
#10 Neutral Faucetofbob Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Earn crypto with this amazing faucet. Manual, autofaucet, ptcads, videoads and a lof of way for earn!

Votes: 2 Unique Out: 7,437 Unique PV: 1,937,559 Pageviews: 27,787,956 Vote
#11 Neutral claimfreebits Vote Status: NEW English English

Earn bitcoin from the bitcoin faucet, perform tasks, skip link shortening ... etc.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 1,303 Unique PV: 888,286 Pageviews: 11,795,978 Vote

CryptoWidgets is a web application, which displays general information, real-time quotes, trades, interactive historical charts and twitter timeline feed for more than 2000 cryptocurrencies.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 349 Unique PV: 1,700,879 Pageviews: 7,158,504 Vote
#14 Neutral FreeCrypto Vote Status: NEW English English

Earn free crypto every 3 minutes! Start earning cryptocurrency without any investment by doing tasks, offerwalls, faucet, shortlinks, ptc.

Votes: 1 Unique Out: 936 Unique PV: 360,257 Pageviews: 935,347 Vote

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Votes: 0 Unique Out: 586 Unique PV: 400,940 Pageviews: 5,127,779 Vote 5$ Fixed CPM Shortlink

Monetize your traffic with 5 easy steps, 5$ Fixed CPM, 1 view/24h, No pop/porn or annoying ads 1$ min withdraw via Payeer/FaucetPay. DAILY PAYMENTS.

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#20 Neutral Clks.Pro Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Best Shortlink In 2022 - $5 Worldwide CPM - $1 Minimum Payout - CPM Upto $20

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 325 Unique PV: 56,770 Pageviews: 86,883 Vote
Trust Faucets Auto

Earn Free Cryptocurrencies, Supporting multiples Cryptocurrencies, Come And Earn Easyly Free Cryptocurrencies.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 510 Unique PV: 101,242 Pageviews: 1,345,333 Vote
Get 3000-9000 Latoshi Every Minutes

Highest Paying Faucet In Faucetpay Litecoin List. You will get 3000-9000 latoshi(litecoin satoshi) every minutes. Payment are direct in faucetpay.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 470 Unique PV: 35,949 Pageviews: 169,091 Vote
#23 Neutral KRIPTOCOIN.MY.ID Vote Status: NEW English English

Claim BTC faucet every minute. Everyday. Instant payment on faucetpay

Votes: 3 Unique Out: 1,813 Unique PV: 16,750 Pageviews: 33,305 Vote
CuteBTC - Free Crypto Faucet

CuteBTC is a free crypto coin faucet site where users can claim 13 crypto coin every 5 mins and get paid instantly via FaucetPay.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 9 Unique PV: 178 Pageviews: 268 Vote