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Good day everyone
Many of us are wondering.. Is online earning safe?
Are there wallets that can be trusted?
The answer is yes, as long as you don't keep in one place very large amounts of money in our case cryptocurrency.
Microwallets become a fast and easy way to withdraw your earnings as well as to exchange them into your desired cryptocurrency for investing or withdraw in your main wallet to be exchanged afterwards in fiat currency which can be deposited in your bank account safe.
I'm writing this article in regard to well known microwallet Faucetpay.
I'm personally using it, so far the most reliable fast and trusted among many other wallets.
Well online world as everyone knows is not such a safe place to hang on, relay uppon the fact that nothing can happend to me.
Major event happend to Faucetpay, even with all the security provided a hacker successfully crack the codes and get into most of the hotwallets.
Total declared loss is around 600.000USD
by now.
Faucetpay says no one among users will suffer financial loses, everything will be covered by the wallet.
A large investigation take place as I am writing, authorities were alerted and took the case very seriously into consideration.
All used adreses by the hacker are known already as well the exact amounts transfered into his personal wallets.
Recomandations from the Faucetpay wallet is to not further use any of the wallets provided prior to the incident suffered.
New wallets will be provided which can be used after the opening of deposits and withdrawal functions.
For users we announce that all the withdrawals made to Faucetpay will be refunded as all the adreses were compromised.