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Miner Sim - Roleplaying Mining Game - It is a warm summer evening. You walk through your city at nigt, aimlessly wandering through the streets with your mobile phone in your hands. Your eyes glues to the screen, as you read something about this new so-called "Cryptocurrency" Bitcoin. You can generate Bitcoin through your own Laptop at home. "Sounds fun" you think to yourself as you start heading back home. You want to try out that Bitcoin Thing, even if it is not making money right now. It could make money some day and then you're one of the early adopters. At Home you turn on your Laptop. You are greeted with blue colors on your screen. A Windows XP noise plays through your speakers and a Welcome Message appears. You Google "Bitcoin" and are ready to start your adventure! Start your Mining Rig on our Servers, refuel your energy and get on top of everyone else. In this Mining Simulation Roleplaying Game you can learn what it is like to be a miner. You have to restart your Mining Computers and refuel your Energy with Energy Drinks or walks in your city. You can battle other players in the Leaderboards and chat with them in our global Chat. What are you waiting for? Sign Up now and Start your own Adventure! Be sure to join our Telegram Group for starting Guides!



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