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#1 Neutral Coinfola Status: LEGIT English English

Claim free satoshi from our faucet, view sponsored ads, solve shortlinks, take surveys and complete offers. Get paid instantly via FaucetPay. It’s that simple! What are you waiting for? Join now!

Coinfola Monthly Votes: 1,255 All Votes: 4,261 Monthly Out: 167 All Out: 594
Unique PV: 1 Pageviews: 4 Monthly Pageviews: 0
#3 Neutral Get XNO Vote Status: English English

Earn Nano (XNO) effortlessly on Get XNO. Faucet, tasks, and more. No registration needed. Unlimited withdrawals with no minimum and instant transactions.

Monthly Votes: 1,105 All Votes: 2,984 Monthly Out: 28 All Out: 95
Unique PV: 2 Pageviews: 8 Monthly Pageviews: 0
#4 Neutral FREE LTC Vote Status: English English

Faucet.Autofaucet.Games.Dice.Surfing.Offervols.Short links.The blog.Referral programs of the 7th level.Free mining.

Monthly Votes: 1,105 All Votes: 2,415 Monthly Out: 41 All Out: 86
Unique PV: 1 Pageviews: 4 Monthly Pageviews: 0
#5 Neutral Cryptoearn.fun Vote Status: English English

Start earning cryptocurrency on the best faucet site in the world by doing tasks, offerwalls, faucet, shortlinks, ptc.

Monthly Votes: 1,101 All Votes: 3,159 Monthly Out: 8 All Out: 53
Unique PV: 782 Pageviews: 2,136 Monthly Pageviews: 0
BTC and ADA Faucet

Earn BTC or ADA using the faucet or the offerwawll that let you do offers, surveys, shortlinks and PTC ads to earn more.

Monthly Votes: 1,101 All Votes: 3,007 Monthly Out: 8 All Out: 67
Unique PV: 63 Pageviews: 94 Monthly Pageviews: 0
#9 Neutral earnbitmoon Vote Status: English English

Join the most complex, secure and paying Bitcoin faucet & rewards site and earn thousands of Satoshis every day.

Monthly Votes: 1,100 All Votes: 3,102 Monthly Out: 12 All Out: 35
Unique PV: 2 Pageviews: 4 Monthly Pageviews: 0

High payouts, no timer btc faucet with, no timer doge faucet, no registration required and three contests running every week!

Faucetbravo - BTC and DOGE nonstop! Monthly Votes: 1,068 All Votes: 3,972 Monthly Out: 54 All Out: 977
Unique PV: 229,224 Pageviews: 657,731 Monthly Pageviews: 13,716

Earn Bitcoin for viewing ads, complete offers, claiming faucet with no annoying popups or hidden miners. Cheap 100% crypto audience, flexible advertising!

ClicksCoin.com - Make Bitcoin! Monthly Votes: 1,020 All Votes: 4,378 Monthly Out: 78 All Out: 973
Unique PV: 752,677 Pageviews: 8,178,383 Monthly Pageviews: 6
#17 Neutral Rushbitcoin Status: LEGIT English English

Earn satoshi by watching ads playing games and claiming free faucet every 7 minutes

Rushbitcoin Monthly Votes: 1,001 All Votes: 3,906 Monthly Out: 8 All Out: 461
Unique PV: 1 Pageviews: 4 Monthly Pageviews: 0

You all spend a LOT of time online, so why not make that time work for you? You can earn bitcoins by doing what you love online. Create a new account and login to start earning the most popular cryptocurrencies with absolutely no investment! We have the...

EARNING BITCOIN WITHOUT INVESTMENTS Monthly Votes: 1,001 All Votes: 3,490 Monthly Out: 15 All Out: 146
Unique PV: 2 Pageviews: 4 Monthly Pageviews: 0

Earn crypto with this amazing faucet. Manual, autofaucet, ptcads, videoads ,shortlinks, offerwalls ,and a lof of way for earn.

polygonfaucet.xyz Monthly Votes: 1,001 All Votes: 3,457 Monthly Out: 7 All Out: 68
Unique PV: 7 Pageviews: 13 Monthly Pageviews: 0

Daily Cash-Game Tournaments; Earn every minute by playing arcade games, Faucet, Shortlinks, PTC, Offerwalls, Mining

Crypto-Planet Monthly Votes: 1,000 All Votes: 3,454 Monthly Out: 3 All Out: 61
Unique PV: 27,505 Pageviews: 60,358 Monthly Pageviews: 3,735