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#1 Up Ad-Doge Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Rank: 1

100% satisfaction

Earn your favourite cryptocurrency. Cheap & 100% Crypto audience, Guaranteed Effective advertisements. Advertise your website/referral links to real human audience!

Votes: 655 Unique Out: 425 Unique PV: 338,893 Pageviews: 1,944,715 Vote
#2 Down Faucetofbob Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Rank: 2

100% satisfaction

Earn crypto with this amazing faucet. Manual, autofaucet, ptcads, videoads and a lof of way for earn!

Votes: 375 Unique Out: 953 Unique PV: 265,111 Pageviews: 3,670,548 Vote
#3 Neutral Multiclaim.Net Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Rank: 3

100% satisfaction

Choose your favourite coin and claim right now! Only your FaucetPay adress or ExpressCrypto is required!

Votes: 192 Unique Out: 661 Unique PV: 175,645 Pageviews: 2,346,391 Vote

Rank: 4

Your Way to earn Crypto Fast. Manual & Auto Faucets, PTC Ads, VideoAds, Mining, Lottery, Advertise for cheap. What are you waiting for?

Best-shop Faucet
Votes: 92 Unique Out: 307 Unique PV: 79,429 Pageviews: 5,015,271 Vote
#5 Down claimfreebits Vote Status: NEW English English

Rank: 5

Earn bitcoin from the bitcoin faucet, perform tasks, skip link shortening ... etc.

Votes: 49 Unique Out: 64 Unique PV: 9,424 Pageviews: 119,469 Vote
#6 Down Vote Status: NEW English English

Rank: 6

It's not a Game, it's a Crypto Faucet Claim USD in many ways, Offerwall, PTC, Faucet, Autofaucets Level up and gain more bonus on our Faucet Climb the leaderboard in order to get the weekly prize
Votes: 47 Unique Out: 213 Unique PV: 11,972 Pageviews: 248,390 Vote
#7 Down MCM Faucets Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Rank: 7

100% satisfaction
MCM Faucets

Best Site to Earn Crypto every 1 minute while levelling up in ExpressCrypto or Withdraw to ExpressCrypto,FaucetPay.

Votes: 44 Unique Out: 170 Unique PV: 89,039 Pageviews: 7,872,761 Vote
#8 Down GainBTC Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Rank: 8

100% satisfaction

Claim every 5 minutes

Votes: 41 Unique Out: 199 Unique PV: 52,964 Pageviews: 748,608 Vote
#9 Neutral Phoenix Autofaucet Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Rank: 9

High paid autofaucet

Phoenix Autofaucet
Votes: 41 Unique Out: 133 Unique PV: 45,300 Pageviews: 2,915,876 Vote
#10 Neutral Crypto Claims Vote Status: English English

Rank: 10

Claim Upto 0.05TRX after every 5 minutes

Crypto Claims
Votes: 28 Unique Out: 116 Unique PV: 4,550 Pageviews: 16,189 Vote
#11 Neutral CryptoTyphoon Vote Status: English English

Rank: 11

Claim Cryptocurrency every 5 minutes!

Votes: 15 Unique Out: 105 Unique PV: 14,579 Pageviews: 200,872 Vote
#12 Neutral Bitclaim.Click Vote Status: English English

Rank: 12

5 min LTC, BCH, DOGE & DASH Faucet!

Votes: 14 Unique Out: 76 Unique PV: 45,511 Pageviews: 399,388 Vote
#13 Neutral Dogecoin faucet Vote Status: English English

Rank: 13

Earn Dogecoin

Dogecoin faucet
Votes: 14 Unique Out: 41 Unique PV: 7,023 Pageviews: 37,280 Vote
#14 Neutral 888satoshis Vote Status: English English

Rank: 14

With our facuet your earn high rewards every 5mn , we offer Manual + auto faucet , plenty of PTC , shortlinks , offerwalls and weekly contests

Votes: 14 Unique Out: 22 Unique PV: 12,831 Pageviews: 269,226 Vote
#15 Neutral GetDoge Vote Status: English English

Rank: 15

Get free Doge every 5 minutes. Earn more with Shortlinks, PTC, and Offerwalls. Lottery and games available to multiply your doge.

Votes: 13 Unique Out: 73 Unique PV: 1,141,620 Pageviews: 7,787,155 Vote
#16 Down ClaimClicks Vote Status: English English

Rank: 16

Crytocurrency multifaucet. Very good faucet for claim rewards in crypto. Instant paymets to FaucetPay Microwallet

Votes: 12 Unique Out: 125 Unique PV: 300,879 Pageviews: 2,880,423 Vote
#17 Neutral Get Bitcoin Vote Status: English English

Rank: 17

NEW NEW! 5 minutes Faucet, 20 Offerwalls, shortlinks, PTC, and more. Low minimum payment!!

Get Bitcoin
Votes: 11 Unique Out: 50 Unique PV: 1 Pageviews: 4 Vote

Rank: 18

Earn Bitcoin for viewing ads, complete offers, claiming faucet with no annoying popups or hidden miners. Cheap 100% crypto audience, flexible advertising! - Make Bitcoin!
Votes: 10 Unique Out: 58 Unique PV: 80,552 Pageviews: 975,552 Vote
#19 Neutral CryptoBarathrum Vote Status: NEW English English

Rank: 19

Thousands of Auto / Manual faucets for 27 different coins and constantly updated!!!!

Votes: 9 Unique Out: 98 Unique PV: 18,315 Pageviews: 42,958 Vote
#20 Neutral cblinks Vote Status: NEW English English

Rank: 20

Link shortner site

Votes: 6 Unique Out: 15 Unique PV: 29,868 Pageviews: 97,286 Vote
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