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#1 Neutral My Shiba inu Vote Status: NEW English English
My Shiba inu

My Shiba Inu Free|PTC ADVERT - Free Shiba Binance Token Start earning cryptocurrency on the best faucet site in the world by doing tasks, offerwalls, faucet, shortlinks, ptc.

Votes: 10,986 Unique Out: 2,165 Unique PV: 746,591 Pageviews: 1,492,499 Vote
#2 Neutral Faucetofbob Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Earn crypto with this amazing faucet. Manual, autofaucet, ptcads, videoads and a lof of way for earn!

Votes: 4,038 Unique Out: 3,021 Unique PV: 899,049 Pageviews: 11,725,018 Vote
#3 Neutral Ad-Doge Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Earn your favourite cryptocurrency. Cheap & 100% Crypto audience, Guaranteed Effective advertisements. Advertise your website/referral links to real human audience!

Votes: 3,164 Unique Out: 12,714 Unique PV: 2,127,785 Pageviews: 18,265,620 Vote
#4 Neutral Multiclaim.Net Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Choose your favourite coin and claim right now! Only your FaucetPay adress or ExpressCrypto is required!

Votes: 2,838 Unique Out: 1,793 Unique PV: 443,188 Pageviews: 4,741,186 Vote
FREE TRX Every 25 seconds

The site was launched in early September and has more than 5,000 happy users.

Votes: 41 Unique Out: 122 Unique PV: 18,289 Pageviews: 34,447 Vote
Free Faucet earn 0.006$ every 15 minutes

Free Faucet earn 0.006$ every 15 minutes. Auto Faucet, PTC, Shorlink.Offerwells

Votes: 16 Unique Out: 66 Unique PV: 2 Pageviews: 8 Vote
#8 Neutral Vote Status: Legit English English

Begin your journey in earning free Bitcoin and other crypto by exploring our highly curated faucet lists and discovering other unique ways to earn on the most legit earning platforms!

Votes: 123 Unique Out: 1,102 Unique PV: 16,339 Pageviews: 381,697 Vote
#9 Neutral Bitcoin Trophy Vote Status: LEGIT English English
Bitcoin Trophy

Earn 18 different cryptocurrencies. Paying instantly without any fee.

Votes: 65 Unique Out: 1,759 Unique PV: 1,050,028 Pageviews: 1,698,870 Vote
#10 Neutral You-Faucet Vote Status: English English

You-Faucet - Start earning cryptocurrency by doing tasks, offerwalls, faucet, shortlinks, ptc and more!

Votes: 82 Unique Out: 143 Unique PV: 10,520 Pageviews: 104,209 Vote
#14 Neutral Best-shop Faucet Vote Status: LEGIT English English
Best-shop Faucet

Your Way to earn Crypto Fast. Manual & Auto Faucets, PTC Ads, VideoAds, Mining, Lottery, Advertise for cheap. What are you waiting for?

Votes: 124 Unique Out: 865 Unique PV: 170,345 Pageviews: 10,900,921 Vote
Claim Free  Feyorra (FEY)

Just enter your email or Feyorra (FEY) address at Faucetpay and request funds to be deposited into your wallet instantly.

Votes: 17 Unique Out: 141 Unique PV: 2,983 Pageviews: 10,412 Vote
#18 Neutral GetDoge Vote Status: English English

Get free Doge every 5 minutes. Earn more with Shortlinks, PTC, and Offerwalls. Lottery and games available to multiply your doge.

Votes: 6 Unique Out: 357 Unique PV: 3,105,058 Pageviews: 24,613,530 Vote
Free Cloud Mining website

Mine Dogecoins with the latest technology equipment and best location choices making it accessible and profitable for everyone.

Votes: 1 Unique Out: 187 Unique PV: 1 Pageviews: 4 Vote
#20 Neutral MCM Faucets Vote Status: LEGIT English English
MCM Faucets

Best Site to Earn Crypto every 1 minute while levelling up in ExpressCrypto or Withdraw to ExpressCrypto,FaucetPay.

Votes: 14 Unique Out: 845 Unique PV: 202,602 Pageviews: 10,678,013 Vote
#23 Neutral ClaimClicks Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Crytocurrency multifaucet. Very good faucet for claim rewards in crypto. Instant paymets to FaucetPay Microwallet

Votes: 20 Unique Out: 471 Unique PV: 952,885 Pageviews: 12,876,317 Vote