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#1 Neutral Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Most complex website. Earn from PTC ads, manual faucet , auto faucet, contests , lottery and much more

Votes: 251 Unique Out: 670 Unique PV: 348,103 Pageviews: 623,712 Vote
#2 Neutral Faucetofbob Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Earn crypto with this amazing faucet. Manual, autofaucet, ptcads, videoads and a lof of way for earn!

Votes: 53 Unique Out: 1,828 Unique PV: 586,781 Pageviews: 7,841,143 Vote
#3 Neutral Ad-Doge Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Earn your favourite cryptocurrency. Cheap & 100% Crypto audience, Guaranteed Effective advertisements. Advertise your website/referral links to real human audience!

Votes: 48 Unique Out: 11,926 Unique PV: 1,558,146 Pageviews: 12,251,224 Vote
#4 Neutral Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Your #1 Source In Earning Today! Earn with THE MOST CURRENT & TRUSTED Faucets paying to ExpressCrypto with a focus on Staking and Saving Coins! No Popups! No Miners! No Trackers! All Faucets! All Earning! No Trash!

Votes: 37 Unique Out: 627 Unique PV: 9,134 Pageviews: 235,583 Vote
Money Lover Faucet

Earn Free Bitcoin With Money Lover Faucet, Lucky Wheel, Shortlinks, Lottery, PTC, Dice Game, Mining Game

Votes: 2 Unique Out: 233 Unique PV: 37,587 Pageviews: 212,453 Vote
#6 Neutral MCM Faucets Vote Status: LEGIT English English
MCM Faucets

Best Site to Earn Crypto every 1 minute while levelling up in ExpressCrypto or Withdraw to ExpressCrypto,FaucetPay.

Votes: 36 Unique Out: 495 Unique PV: 151,736 Pageviews: 10,575,418 Vote
#10 Neutral Faucet Crypto Vote Status: English English
Faucet Crypto

Earn Crypto free, Minimum withraw: $0.05 - Instant payment.

Votes: 14 Unique Out: 29 Unique PV: 19,069 Pageviews: 33,978 Vote
#11 Neutral Bitcoin Trophy Vote Status: LEGIT English English
Bitcoin Trophy

Earn 18 different cryptocurrencies. Paying instantly without any fee.

Votes: 6 Unique Out: 1,513 Unique PV: 670,254 Pageviews: 1,081,991 Vote
#12 Neutral Best-shop Faucet Vote Status: LEGIT English English
Best-shop Faucet

Your Way to earn Crypto Fast. Manual & Auto Faucets, PTC Ads, VideoAds, Mining, Lottery, Advertise for cheap. What are you waiting for?

Votes: 33 Unique Out: 548 Unique PV: 165,681 Pageviews: 10,579,633 Vote
#14 Neutral Vote Status: PROMISING English English

Choose your favourite coin and claim right now! Only your FaucetPay adress or ExpressCrypto is required!

Votes: 1 Unique Out: 393 Unique PV: 378,863 Pageviews: 638,179 Vote
Hashing Space Multifaucet

Earn cryptocurrencys every 5 Minutes. Payment ti FaucetPay, ExpressCrypto and Direct wallet.

Votes: 5 Unique Out: 107 Unique PV: 14,053 Pageviews: 228,900 Vote
#17 Neutral claimfreebits Vote Status: NEW English English

Earn bitcoin from the bitcoin faucet, perform tasks, skip link shortening ... etc.

Votes: 1 Unique Out: 311 Unique PV: 114,386 Pageviews: 1,365,769 Vote
Claimdoge AutoFaucet - Shortlink and Manual Faucet

Earn free cryptos with this platform 3 years online, so dont lose your time and start earning now!!!

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 33 Unique PV: 1 Pageviews: 2 Vote
#19 Neutral Multiclaim.Net Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Choose your favourite coin and claim right now! Only your FaucetPay adress or ExpressCrypto is required!

Votes: 9 Unique Out: 1,279 Unique PV: 328,096 Pageviews: 3,889,033 Vote
#20 Neutral ClaimClicks Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Crytocurrency multifaucet. Very good faucet for claim rewards in crypto. Instant paymets to FaucetPay Microwallet

Votes: 3 Unique Out: 310 Unique PV: 697,129 Pageviews: 7,722,347 Vote
#22 Neutral 888satoshis Vote Status: NEW English English

With our facuet your earn high rewards every 5mn , we offer Manual + auto faucet , plenty of PTC , shortlinks , offerwalls and weekly contests

Votes: 2 Unique Out: 151 Unique PV: 81,144 Pageviews: 1,663,301 Vote
#23 Neutral Get Bitcoin Vote Status: English English
Get Bitcoin

NEW NEW! 5 minutes Faucet, 20 Offerwalls, shortlinks, PTC, and more. Low minimum payment!!

Votes: 2 Unique Out: 126 Unique PV: 1 Pageviews: 4 Vote
#24 Neutral Wildfaucet Vote Status: English English

Start earning cryptocurrency on the best faucet site in the world by doing autofaucet, collect energy and start earn cryptocurrency!

Votes: 1 Unique Out: 103 Unique PV: 2,168 Pageviews: 41,718 Vote