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Get your favorite coins by doing simple tasks, the best reward in the whole world of cryptocurrencies.

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With our facuet your earn high rewards every 5mn , we offer Manual + auto faucet , plenty of PTC , shortlinks , offerwalls and weekly contests

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Most complex website. Earn from PTC ads, manual faucet , auto faucet, contests , lottery and much more

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BossShit - Earn Multiple Crypto On Autopilot

BossShit 24h Auto + High rewarding Manual Faucets + Savings Coin Booster Helps Earn Multiple Crypto On Autopilot, Do short-links & more.

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CryptoBunker Auto

Choose your favourite coin and claim right now! Crytocurrency AutoFaucet paying instantly to EC. # 16 Coins Available # Faucet List

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FREE TRX Every 30 seconds

The site was launched in early September and has more than 5,000 happy users.

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Claim Zec coin instant pay to your faucetpay account

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Thousands of Auto / Manual faucets for 27 different coins and constantly updated!!!!

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Claim FREE Bits every 60 minutes

Please fill in the captcha below and click the Roll & Win button to get your bits. The amount of bits that you get will depend on the number that you roll and paid out according to the payout table below. Rewards from payout table are calculated...

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Thunder Faucet

Free Dogecoin faucet, claim dogecoin satoshi daily.

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Top Cryptocurrency earning Site ! Get rewarded for different things. Faucets - Auto Faucet - Shortlinks - Mini Games - Level Rewards & more comming soon! Join us now !

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It's not a Game, it's a Crypto Faucet Claim USD in many ways, Offerwall, PTC, Faucet, Autofaucets Level up and gain more bonus on our Faucet Climb the leaderboard in order to get the weekly prize

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Crytocurrency Faucet. For claim rewards in crypto. Instant paymets to FaucetPay Microwallet.

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Choose your favourite coin and claim right now! Only your FaucetPay adress or ExpressCrypto is required!

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Money Lover Faucet

Earn Free Bitcoin With Money Lover Faucet, Lucky Wheel, Shortlinks, Lottery, PTC, Dice Game, Mining Game

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