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Claim Free Bitcoin

earn free bitcoin now high paying bitcoin faucet in 2022

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 129 Unique PV: 4,861 Pageviews: 17,024 Vote
#74 Neutral FreeBTC.online Vote Status: English English

Claim Free Bitcoin Every 3 Minutes Only on FreeBTC.online and get Instant auto Payout! You can increase the earning doing the Jobs or completing the Offers ! ‚Äč

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 414 Unique PV: 2,794,639 Pageviews: 11,591,600 Vote
#75 Neutral ClaimBOX.net Vote Status: English English

Claim Free Bitcoin Every 3 Minutes Only on ClaimBOX.net and get Instant auto Payout!

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 402 Unique PV: 2,236,785 Pageviews: 9,402,394 Vote
#76 Neutral Bitcoin Trophy Vote Status: LEGIT English English
Bitcoin Trophy

Earn 18 different cryptocurrencies. Paying instantly without any fee.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 2,597 Unique PV: 1,924,763 Pageviews: 3,544,333 Vote
BTC Bunch Rewards - Earn Free Crypto & Cash

Btcbunch.com is #1 site that pays users for completing tasks such as Free Mining, Auto Faucet, Manual Faucet, Mad Faucet, PTC, Games, Videos, Wheel Of Fortune, Dice, Lottery, Coin Flip, Roulettes, Lottery, Micro Jobs, Captchas, Affiliates, And Many More.

Votes: 11 Unique Out: 489 Unique PV: 1,882,155 Pageviews: 4,705,318 Vote
#78 Neutral FaucetBTC.online Vote Status: English English

Claim Free Bitcoin Every 3 Minutes Only on FaucetBTC.online and get Instant auto Payout!

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 475 Unique PV: 1,858,467 Pageviews: 8,022,171 Vote
#79 Neutral HilAno Faucet Vote Status: English English
HilAno Faucet

Earn very high amount of crypto with start using the highest paying faucet site by doing faucet, offerwalls, shortlinks, watching ads, achievements and more!

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 392 Unique PV: 565,192 Pageviews: 1,095,634 Vote
#80 Neutral EarnAds.top Vote Status: PROMISING English English

Choose your favourite coin and claim right now! Only your FaucetPay adress or ExpressCrypto is required!

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 905 Unique PV: 499,058 Pageviews: 808,515 Vote
#81 Neutral CRYPTONITERS Vote Status: LEGIT English English

The safest and most beneficial faucet on the web today with COINBASE withdrawals!

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 754 Unique PV: 472,791 Pageviews: 4,278,813 Vote
#82 Neutral Bitsfree.net Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Most complex website. Earn from PTC ads, manual faucet , auto faucet, contests , lottery and much more

Votes: 4 Unique Out: 1,756 Unique PV: 444,779 Pageviews: 788,207 Vote
#85 Neutral Tritonbux.io Vote Status: English English

Supporting 5+ Cryptocurrencies + Payeer Payments, Manual and Auto Faucet + PTC ads and many more earnings ways.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 556 Unique PV: 285,330 Pageviews: 606,446 Vote
BNB Faucet Site | Free Binance Coin Faucet

Claim up to 300 satoshi every 5 minutes at BNB Faucet Site a free Binance Coin faucet.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 1,034 Unique PV: 270,939 Pageviews: 1,437,950 Vote
#87 Neutral Best Autofaucet Vote Status: English English
Best Autofaucet

The Best AutoFaucet with highest rates ! paying on FaucetPay and Binance !

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 999 Unique PV: 264,197 Pageviews: 10,999,712 Vote
Multi-featured site!

Earn daily in our fast growing site! play games(NO DEPOSIT INVOLVED TO PLAY). Lottery, dice, coinflip, and wheel. with 2 faucets and unlimited claim every 2 and 5 minutes!

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 304 Unique PV: 235,603 Pageviews: 2,086,539 Vote
Claimercorner.xyz, free coins is just around the corner.

Claimercorner.xyz is a multi-featured faucet where users can earn multiple cryptocurrency we provide.. Expresscrypto and Faucetpay supported auto withdrawal available. You

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 391 Unique PV: 204,350 Pageviews: 2,273,234 Vote
#90 Neutral 888satoshis Vote Status: NEW English English

With our facuet your earn high rewards every 5mn , we offer Manual + auto faucet , plenty of PTC , shortlinks , offerwalls and weekly contests

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 760 Unique PV: 197,808 Pageviews: 4,873,870 Vote
#92 Neutral Best-shop Faucet Vote Status: LEGIT English English
Best-shop Faucet

Your Way to earn Crypto Fast. Manual & Auto Faucets, PTC Ads, VideoAds, Mining, Lottery, Advertise for cheap. What are you waiting for?

Votes: 66 Unique Out: 2,589 Unique PV: 170,346 Pageviews: 10,900,925 Vote
#93 Neutral FREE Solana MS Vote Status: English English
FREE Solana MS

Earn $0.0015 / claim Solana! 70% REF Commission! Weekly contest!

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 340 Unique PV: 146,665 Pageviews: 1,045,590 Vote
#94 Neutral Bitcoin faucet Vote Status: NEW English English
Bitcoin faucet

Bitcoin faucet and faucet list instant payments to faucetpay 20% referral commission paid instantly to your faucetpay account

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 361 Unique PV: 119,547 Pageviews: 248,804 Vote