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#25 Neutral FREESHIB.BIZ Vote Status: NEW English English
#26 Neutral MCM Faucets Vote Status: CLOSED English English
MCM Faucets

Best Site to Earn Crypto every 1 minute while levelling up in ExpressCrypto or Withdraw to ExpressCrypto,FaucetPay.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 1,584 Unique PV: 202,666 Pageviews: 10,678,081 Vote
#27 Neutral Free Shiba Inu Faucet Vote Status: NEW English English
Free Shiba Inu Faucet

My Shiba Inu is the best faucet site to earn FREE Shiba Inu tokens with simple tasks like PTC, Adverts, Views and Offers. It also has GPU mining support.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 1,392 Unique PV: 1 Pageviews: 4 Vote
#28 Neutral Bitcoin Trophy Vote Status: LEGIT English English
Bitcoin Trophy

Earn 18 different cryptocurrencies. Paying instantly without any fee.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 2,709 Unique PV: 1,924,764 Pageviews: 3,544,334 Vote
#30 Neutral ClaimClicks Vote Status: LEGIT English English

Crytocurrency multifaucet. Very good faucet for claim rewards in crypto. Instant paymets to FaucetPay Microwallet

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 1,604 Unique PV: 2,107,417 Pageviews: 38,438,369 Vote
#31 Neutral CRYPTONITERS Vote Status: LEGIT English English

The safest and most beneficial faucet on the web today with COINBASE withdrawals!

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 864 Unique PV: 472,791 Pageviews: 4,278,813 Vote
Miner Sim - Roleplaying Mining Game

It is a warm summer evening. You walk through your city at nigt, aimlessly wandering through the streets with your mobile phone in your hands. Your eyes glues to the screen, as you read something about this new so-called "Cryptocurrency"...

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 804 Unique PV: 3,888 Pageviews: 6,503 Vote
#37 Neutral Best Autofaucet Vote Status: English English
Best Autofaucet

The Best AutoFaucet with highest rates ! paying on FaucetPay and Binance !

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 1,114 Unique PV: 264,197 Pageviews: 10,999,712 Vote
#38 Neutral Banano Faucet Vote Status: NEW English English
Banano Faucet

Earn free Banano coin! Don't know what Banano is? Come find out more about the feeless coin.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 462 Unique PV: 19,157 Pageviews: 1,417,038 Vote
#40 Neutral You-Faucet Vote Status: NEW English English

You-Faucet - Start earning cryptocurrency by doing tasks, offerwalls, faucet, shortlinks, ptc and more!

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 808 Unique PV: 13,823 Pageviews: 132,016 Vote
#42 Neutral WatchDOGE.xyz Vote Status: NEW English English

It's not a Game, it's a Crypto Faucet Claim USD in many ways, Offerwall, PTC, Faucet, Autofaucets Level up and gain more bonus on our Faucet Climb the leaderboard in order to get the weekly prize

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 1,054 Unique PV: 14,264 Pageviews: 294,018 Vote
#44 Neutral CryptoBarathrum Vote Status: NEW English English

Thousands of Auto / Manual faucets for 27 different coins and constantly updated!!!!

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 1,027 Unique PV: 55,036 Pageviews: 115,577 Vote

Crytocurrency Faucet. For claim rewards in crypto. Instant paymets to FaucetPay Microwallet.

Votes: 0 Unique Out: 767 Unique PV: 98,677 Pageviews: 1,183,765 Vote